Echo of an age-old tradition of handcrafting, carrying zen customs and beliefs, the Kesa is our technical and sacred guide.

Ceremonial vestment originally worn by buddhist monks in East Asia, the Kesa is not just a garment, it is the Zazen itself. During its fabrication, the Kesa goes through a meticulous process where sewing, stitching, measuring, folding the fabric become part of a deep journey… carrying oneself to the path of Liberation.

Exercising the attitude of the mind to infuse a deeper meaning to each piece is the core of our work. We believe a just garment is the key to reveal inner beauty, subtly empowering the wearer with grace and mystery.



Transgressing the law of perfection by using natural fibers and dyes is our way to revere nature and embrace singularity.

Using exclusively sustainable materials allow us to work with innovative and specialized producers all around Europe. To ensure proximity and fair labour practices and quality, we also favour certified fabrics such as GOTS or Masters of Linen.

Forgotten and misunderstood, carrying centuries of traditions since the birth of civilisation, linen has a predominant place at Atelier Kesa. Not only for its green and durable qualities but particulary for its rustic character and timeless elegance… Evolving with time as the wearer does.


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Founded in 2018, Atelier Kesa is honoured to bring together talented people from diverse fields and origins. Designed by French designer Nina Langel, it is with the precious help of Magda Abdel-Hafith at pattern making and her dear partner jeweller Frederic Arbour that each collections can see the light.

Atelier Kesa would like to thank their customers for their support and trust.
We are coming back this June with a new collection.